Realtors from Columbia to Lexington SC gain an edge to compete Online – South Carolina Brokers facilitate Real Estate Web Strategy Training on January the 22nd 2009

Brokers Craig Summerall joined by Ed Flowers, Brandon Liles, and Joe B. Nester held an Internet Strategy Training for their Real Estate Professionals in Columbia South Carolina. The training was enthusiastically attended by 25 Agents: Craig Augenstein, Julia Ayers, Ed Flowers, Evelyn Gibson, Tonya D. Graves, Mark Ilderton, Holly Kearse-Jolley, Brandon Liles, Meg Liles, Bill McCarter, Betsy S. Nagel, Ed Neeley, Ellyn Nester, Joe B. Nester, Joseph Piccinini, Nancy Pitts, Cathie Saucier, Paul Saucier, Lisa Sills, Renay Stewart, Mary M. Stuckey, Craig Summerall, Cat Thornton, Jean Toney, and Derrell W. Wells.

Real Estate and Internet Strategy are concepts walled-off by ignorance…; the 6-hour training, Real Estate Web Strategy, drives the essential idea that Realtors must create the conditions of organic connectivity with and for their clients wherever they happen to be… Success is driven by Real Estate Agencies that re-arrange their business model to such interactions.

Ed Flowers - Exit Sandlapper Realty    "Thank you for an unbelievable class yesterday! I have been “somewhat” in touch with technology over the years but you really showed me how far behind I have fallen. Your class was excellent and precisely what is needed to be competitive in today’s real estate market. The depth of knowledge and ideas you shared were priceless! Also, the specific plan of action to implement these ideas really sets you apart from all the other trainers. You have truly empowered me to get my real estate web strategy back on track!" – Ed Flowers.

Joe Nester - Exit Agape Real Estate Services    "Wow, does not begin to describe the high intensity learning experience you will receive by attending Key Yessaad’s web strategy training. This is the type of information that can be intimidating for agents and brokers alike. Key’s incredible knowledge and entertaining teaching style will break it down into small bites that everyone will be able to digest." – Joe Nester.

Brandon Liles - Exit Midlands Realty    "The information was nothing short of astounding! I am consistently amazed at the progression technology makes and even better how we utilize these tools for our clients benefit. I know that all of the agents who participated, left the seminar more knowledgeable about how we can help our clients and increase our business! Thanks Key (again) for giving us a peek behind the web curtain!" - Brandon Liles.

Craig Summerall - Exit Real Estate Consultants    "Key, as promised your seminar today was great. As you know this is the second time I have attended this training and it was even more beneficial the second time around. It was great to see the excitement on the faces of the attendees and know that they are being empowered to move their career forward. I know I speak for my office when I say we can’t wait to have you back in March." – Craig Summerall.

Katherine Mappus - Exit Realty The Tracey Group    "Thank you so much for yesterday! It was a really great session, and I told my husband last night that three hours with you flew by!! Thank you for keeping it interesting and fun. I got your message. I’m on the way out the door to meet with a client, but I do want to chat with you. I feel like I have a lot to digest. I’ve begun working on my bio, and I want to spend the next few days working on my “assignment” from you and reviewing the notes from your training session." - Katherine Mappus.

Joseph (JP) Piccinini - Exit Real Estate Consultants    "Thank you for your enthusiasm and insight into the enigmatic world of web design. We look forward to putting in place a long term web strategy to increase our sales and Internet presence and will most assuredly enlist your expertise." - Joseph (JP) Piccinini.

"I just wanted to e-mail you and let you know that I enjoyed your class yesterday. I have already started to work on all the information you gave us. I am so glad I had the opportunity to be there. I would highly recommend your class to any real estate agent that is serious about being successful in this modern market. I was totally confused about web sites until your class, and as you spoke it was like someone turned on the lights." It clicked". I now have a plan and will be busy implementing it. I just want to say again, Thanks for the knowledge that you shared with us, and for your willingness to even stay later than planned to share more. Thanks and May God Bless You in all you do Sincerely," - Derrell Wells.

"Key - What a treat! Thank you! Thank you! So glad I attended! I left with the feeling I could reach the top of Mt Everest with my web page! Can't wait till we meet again! Thankfully," - Holly Jolley.

Key Yessaad Testimonials:

  • "I want to thank you for the great information at the training you did for us in Longwood, FL a few weeks ago. I did revise my bio, adding links and am copying it to other sites."
    Email received from Jean Swette - Realtor in Longwood FL
    Never Would have Thought of That Before
  • "You are amazing and I learned so much in one day. Thank you for sharing all that knowledge and embarrassing me standing in front of all those just kidding. Thank yo..."
    Linda Takadiyi, Realtor in Plano TX
    You are Amazing and I learned a lot...
  • "I had the pleasure of attending a seminar led by Key on Tuesday August 12th. Key was amazing!!! I love his energy and passion for helping others! It was well worth my day to att..."
    Leslie Burns, Realtor in Plano TX
    Key was amazing!!!
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