Did he say Ctrl-K or “Control Key” – Charlotte Real Estate Training goes bang!!!

Bang… Yes I heard that noise go off in many of the agents’ heads and smiles who attended “Charlotte Real Estate Blogging Strategy.” – In fact many of them said so using terms such as: “I get it now!,” “I know what to do now!,” and all promised to have a blog posted within a week and start blogging weekly and become the community market leaders.

Charlotte Real Estate Blogging Strategy Training - Feb 12th, 2009The Brokers of Exit Realty South, John and Angie Byers, hosted 25+ agents for an intensive training and provided lunch with the compliments of Grubb Properties Inc. It was an awesome experience to be with such intent group of Realtors committed to taking their success to the next level; in attendance were Jim Barnett, Stephanie Blanton, Debby Byers, Lizette Constance, Suzi Daugherty, Maria Ferreira, Shirley Ghorshi, Karen Gillespie, Shannon Griffith, Joan Hileman, Vernon Jackson, Adriana Jaramillo, Sonya Leonard, Rick Mabe, Lori Marlow, Andy McPherson, Kathi Minter, Paris Michelle Morgan, Kim Privette, Brandy Sellers, Andrew Thigpen, and Nancy Winters. (February 12th, 2009)

So what’s with “Control Key?” – No No… we are not trying to control “Key,” that’s a different class altogether… it’s “Ctrl-K” – as in hold the “Ctrl” Key down and hit K to create links!!! (Enough said… those of you who were there get it!!!)

Angie Byers - Exit Realty South, Charlotte NC - Broker/Owner     "Thank you for the phenomenal training on real estate blogging and our web strategy. Not only was it entertaining and informative, but it was RELEVANT! You are providing our agents and brokers the most pertinent information we could receive in this market. I personally have seen the results of doing what you tell me to do and I have no doubt that it will lead to our office being more successful. Every regional owner and broker should have you in their offices immediately! We cannot wait to have you back in Charlotte." - Angie Byers Owner - EXIT Realty South.
Kathy Rawers - Exit Realty Charleston Group Broker / Owner     "Key is the MASTER of internet strategy! He’s paying it forward by training Exit Realty agents on how to harness the power of online marketing and lead generation. Through his high energy, cutting edge training, he has motivated and energized our team! Key is sharing what many others exploit for big bucks! We can’t learn enough from him! If you have not experienced his training, you’re missing out (and probably way behind the curve)." - Kathy Rawers - Broker/Owner.
Kim Privette - Exit Home Team Realty, Broker / Owner     "Key, Your class on Blogging was amazing. You were right on the money when you spoke of how much other companies charged to optimize your websites and help move you up in the rankings. Your class motivates an individiual and has them take control of their own destiny. This is just like the old saying "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink." There are no more excuses. You feel empowered when you can blog and move yourself up in the rankings as you taught us to do today. I'm anxious to get started and take control of the Statesville market. Thanks, I look forward to future classes." - Kim Privette, Broker/Owner.
Vernon Jackson - Exit First Choice, Broker / Owner     "Key, Your class was excellent – you taught me the power and ease of Blogging. I am ready to make this a “key” part of my internet / marketing strategy. I look forward with anticipation to see the results in my business. I will enthusiastically refer you to all of my agents and am willing travel to any of your classes in the Carolinas. Please send me your schedule. I have two of my agents who will accompany me. Thanks," - Vernon Jackson, Broker/Owner.
Sonya Leonard - Realtor / Broker, Statesville, NC     "Hi Key! Once again you delivered a powerful and fun class! You did not disappoint. I will tell you that I attended a two day CRS workshop on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week and paid 5 times the amount of your class and I walked away with 10 times the value from your class. Just the hint about using Google docs to cut and paste my entire article instead of using word will save me so much time. I look forward to the next class with you. Thank you for your energy and for sharing your knowledge with us! You are wonderful and I would recommend this class to anyone (on the other hand…………..maybe I should keep you a secret!)" - Sonya Leonard, Statesville NC.
Debby Byers - Realtor / Broker, Exit Realty South     "Key, words can't express how excited I now am about blogging! The light finally went on in my head and now I understand it. I have started on my first blog and will keep in touch with you. I am proof that you can teach a "middle aged" dog new tricks! Thanks so much, Debby Byers Exit Realty South, Charlotte, N.C." - Debby Byers, Charlotte NC.
Stacy Danner - Senior Residential Broker, Grubb Properties, Inc.     "Key, I just wanted to say thanks for allowing my coworkers and I the opportunity to capture a few minutes of your training with John yesterday. You were amazing and I loved your energy. Kristi and I would love to attend one of your classes in the near future. Thanks again and have a great afternoon." - Stacy Danner|Senior Residential Broker, Grubb Properties, Inc.
(Stacy and her colleagues sponsored the lunch for the Charlotte training on 2/12/2009 and only attended 10 minutes of the event... Thank you Stacy!!!)

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  • "We have attended numerous trainings throughout our careers in real estate. Our training with Key has produced more positive results than ANYTHING we have ever attended before. K..."
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    Jay Tracey, Broker in Folly Beach SC
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  • "You are doing a fantastic job, Key... so much useful information... challenging, thought-provoking ideas... a wonderful experience!"
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